Morocco is limited by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean in the north. Morocco length is more than 3400 km, it is situated in the distance of few km from Spain and in the south exists the Sahara desert.


In Morocco there are approximately 30 million inhabitants.


The official language is Arabic, but Berber dialects are still spoken in mountains. French Is used in all the country.


  • Passport should not be dead lined
  • Vaccination is not obligatory


    Dirham is the currency

    1000 dirhams corresponds approximately 100 euros

    To walk , you need comfortable shoes but not too heavy and a second pair to alternate so you do not have the friction in the same place and prevent blisters ....... the walking sandals with Velcro are ideal for the desert (with socks) ... Take a warm sweater for the night as well as a windbreaker... Do not forget the sunscreen, lip balm and a pack of wipes ... the toilet paper with a lighter to burn after use .. The sleeping bag is absolutely mandatory for mobile bivouacs, it makes you more personal sleeping (more hygienic), which does not prevent to add the cover, it is not necessary in fixed bivouacs. You can also take a flashlight or headlamp, very helpful..... It is also good to take a first aid kit with first aid to a small dressing of doliprane an anti diarrhea and your usual if you have drugs. When you are about to leave with the camels, we ask you to take the necessary hiking and leave the rest in a safe place to camp or in your car ... so expect the opportunity to divide your luggage two parts .. It is noted that camels easily carry the bags, but not bags.