Custom made tour

A trip according to your choice

Travel at your own pace, take the time to discover your destination, to assess all aspects of photographing monuments and landscapes .
Choose your itinerary, which will take you to the beautiful landscape of Moroccan Sahara. We allow you to personalize your trip, we do endeavour to make your stay a special adventure that will remain engraved in your memory forever.

Are you dreaming of sun, blue sky, heat ? In need of time for yourself, open spaces ? You want unusual and authentic ? Look no further: The caravan of the Draa Valley is what you need! "Maybe God created the desert so that man could rejoice at the sight of palm trees. »
Paulo Coelho

The desert has this magical effect of empty almost instantly head from daily thoughts while opening "the rest". Is this due to the simplicity of the wind, sand, stones, and clarity of the sky in the open horizon? Here the world is simple and painless. The initial hostility of the mineral world is offset by the enveloping sweetness of the dunes and the warm sun. Here, Flower, Bird, The dew drop has a value that you cannot suspected. Tea around the camp fire has a taste of luxury. In the desert, you feel the flow of time ...

We invite you to enjoy a journey of dreams, an extraordinary experience, both for the beautiful landscapes and for human adventure.

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