Our Bivouac at Erg Chegaga.

Enjoy the life in the desert, 60kms away from nearest village...
Erg Chegaga is the name of the largest dunes in this region. They reach about 300m height by a length of 40 km, 15kms wide and located 60 km away from M'hamid.

Being close to the Hamada du Draa and the Algerian border, a ramble in the erg Chegaga already allows to apprehend in a strong and simple manner this great desert that is the Sahara. He remains less busy then Erg Chebbi, his cousin southeast, by its relatively difficult access and maintains a wild and authentic beauty due to its large surface.

Our permanent camps are located directly at the foot of the dunes, with 10 tents that are manufactured by nomads and make the hosting group even for 40 people. The tents are equipped with carpets and beds, mattresses, sheets and blankets at your disposal. If you wish, you can certainly sleep under the starry sky.

The bivouacs of the caravan the Draa Valley are manufactured in the desert often away from home to spend the night under the stars in the purest nomad’s tradition. Our chefs prepare the evening meal from organic fruits and vegetables, without forgetting the traditional camel meat or sheep. The Assistant cook is specifically responsible for the preparation of mint tea, it can be done up to three times per day. A celebration which you get used to very quickly.

We practice also the famous sand baths, it is beneficial against arthritis, neuralgia and other rheumatic back pain. Contrary to what we might think, the hot sand causes no burning, the air flowing between the grains transfer to the body the heat received by the solar rays.